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I know this is a weird first post but I’ve got to start somewhere. I notice a lot of cool gaming products in my travels and web surfing. I’ll share them when I think they’re worthwhile.

If IKEA started selling arcade cabinets, they would probably be like 1UpArcade. This caught my eye today so I wanted to share.

I’ve built my own arcade cabinet ( and it was quite a project. The total cost was easily around $1500, probably more. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you love the building process. As a much quicker alternative, this mini lightweight cabinet is probably an ideal solution for most people.

Since I haven’t seen one in person, here’s my opinion based on their marketing and YouTube videos


  • It’s only $300.
  • Controls are arcade quality (they say.. and they seem to be).
  • It’s lightweight (possibly a con) and easy to move.
  • It’s easy to build.
  • Hopefully, it’s hackable so you aren’t limited to the included games. I would think that at the least you could install a small PC/NUC, Pi, or something like that.


  • It’s lightweight. Can it stand up to vigorous gameplay? In my experience, IKEA type furniture tends to reach a threshold where it completely collapses – such as when moving.
  • Also only one or two key games on each and a few other not so popular games. I suppose if “your game” is one of the featured ones, getting one might be a budget version of a dream come true. For the rest of us, let’s just hope it is easy to modify so we can expand the library.
  • You don’t get a full set of controls on each cabinet. They are specific to the games (for example, a spinner for Tempest, a trackball for Centipede). It’s too bad there is no one cabinet suitable for the majority of popular retro games.

Will I get one? I’m not sure. I want to get Arcade Reboot fixed up and current. I may even sell it eventually. If some good hacks come out to get ROMS onto the Arcade1up cabinet, I may consider it. Which version would I choose? My first choice would be the Asteroids cabinet since it includes Tempest too.

Despite my comparison to IKEA, you can’t get them there. I don’t have any affiliate linking set up, so if you’re interested, I’ll just send you to the arcade1up site. Click “where to buy” for their links to Walmart, Gamestop, and Bed Bath & Beyond (seriously?).

Thanks for reading!

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